Recognizing the need to address the issue of reducing line losses and improving the quality of power delivery, MEPCO focuses on implementing distribution reforms and it could only be achieved by imparting rigorous training in professional ways to a significant number of distribution utility engineers, managers and staff personnel.

Regional Training Center (RTC), MEPCO Multan, a utility training institute was established in 1986. It puts into practice a mission oriented training with a view to enhance professional competence and efficiency of the technical and commercial staff to achieve optimum operational worthiness. RTC is a classified provider of training programs tailored for the electric distribution company. We train utility professionals responsible for the engineering, construction, maintenance, operation and customer service in which we rely. Ultimately, all levels of personnel who better understand the context of their job can become more effective at work, which benefits them and the organizations they work within it.

The Main Objectives of RTC

  • To make learning and knowledge sharing as one of the fundamental values within the Company and across the sector.
  • To build competency in employees and thereby add to the resource pool of the sector as a whole.
  • To familiarize all personnel with existing and new technology in the Power Distribution sector.

Methodology for Imparting Objective Training

MEPCO has a wide range of workforce that require different levels of training, and RTC offers customized courses for specific professionals that enable them to get the right instruction they need at a level consistent with what they do in the company. RTC currently administers training to approximately 3000 Company’s employees a year. The majority of our training is “hands on”, learner centered and compliance focused to better prepare and qualify an individual for the specific “task at hand”.

  • Trainees study and practice those skills that have not yet been mastered to the level required by the objectives.
  • Trainees are given opportunities to practice each objective and obtain feedback about the quality of their performance.
  • Trainees receive repeated practice in skills that are used most often or that are difficult to learn.
  • Training programs are presented in a modular format. A module will “stand alone” as a skill builder for a particular job classification. Each module contains the same basic elements.

At present, RTC offers technical, commercial and managerial training courses for newly inducted engineers, supervisory and field staff. The detail of courses is delineated as:

  • Technical                20 Programs
  • Commercial            06 Programs
  • Managerial             06 Programs
  • Financial                 03 Programs
  • Safety                     02 Programs

Nature of Beneficiaries

MEPCO continues to experience the following positive results from this training program:

  • Employees are more confident in their ability to properly and safely perform their jobs.
  • System performance is enhanced substantiality. We believe training plays a significant part in the capacity building of the individual as well as the system.
  • After the programs’ inception at MEPCO, the company experiences a low employee accident rates.
  • This training will not only benefit the employees taking the courses, but also benefit the employees who serve as assistant course administrators.
  • By administering the courses, those employees are able to keep their own skills current.