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Safety Guide


MEPCO has advised the public to observe all safety measures against electricity hazards which may occur during usual circumstances / rains.

  1. In case of finding leakage of current in a pole or any electricity line fallen on the ground, the people have been advised to immediately inform the nearest electricity complaint center and the public, particularly children should be kept away from such a pole or a wire till electricity staff reaches the site to carry out remedial measures.
  2. Do not use electricity cables for hanging clothes.
  3. The consumers, particularly ladies, should be vigilant not to spread wet clothes for drying on an iron or some other metallic wire as these are good conductor and it may happen that electric current passes through it in the wet season. Instead a cotton cord should be used for this purpose.
  4. Similarly animals should not be tied against electricity poles or their stay wires to avoid possible fatal accident.
  5. People and animals should be kept away from the stagnant or running water in case a broken live wire falls into it till the electricity staff reaches the site for the remedial operation.
  6. Always use proper plugs and switches.
  7. Three pin shoe should be used for all types of electrical appliances and gadgets with the third pin properly earthed such as electric iron, washing machine, refrigerator, air-conditioner etc. A piece of dry cloth, blanket, wood (the non-conductors) should be used under the feet while using electric iron to press clothes and a machine to wash clothes.
  8. Electrical appliances should be switched off before removing their shoe from the plug and the shoe should be properly taken out of the plug. Care should be taken not to pull the wire to remove the shoe from the plug with a jerk.
  9. Children should not be allowed to perform the operation of removing a shoe from a plug or to shift a running electric fan from one place to the other particularly in the wet season of monsoon in view of their safety.
  10. Never use bare wires and conductors for electricity extension.
  11. The naked wires and their joints in a house, shop factory etc must immediately be properly repaired / taped and worn electric wiring should be got replace.
  12. If it occurs that a person gets entangled with a naked live wire in a house, a shop or elsewhere, a dry bamboo or wooden rod should be used to get him free, otherwise physically removing the wire or touching such a person could lead to fatal or non-fatal electrocution accident to the rescuer too.
  13. Do not touch metallic parts of the washing machine, electric motors and pedestal fans with out removing electricity connections.
  14. A switch, a shoe, a wire or electric fan etc should not be at all touched while hands clothes or shoes are wet to avoid any mishap.
  15. Always use automatic voltage regulator with delayed start for deep freezers, refrigerator and television etc.
  16. Always use proper capacitors MCBs (miniature Circuit Breakers) with air-conditioners.
  17. Always use proper size fuses at each stage.
  18. Kite flying near the electricity lines and other electrical installations should also be avoided as wet kite string may cause fatal or non-fatal electrocution when it falls on the live wires or transformer. In this way, short circuiting could also cause suspension of power supply to a considerable number of consumers to their inconvenience for a good period of time till the string is removed from the line and any possible technical fault, if so occurs, is rectified. The metallic and chemical string must not be at all used for kite flying as it poses serious danger to life and electricity installation.




  1. Always cut down unwanted switches of lights, machinery and other electrical appliances when not in use.
  2. Use florescent lamps and mercury vapor lamps in place of conventional electric lamps.
  3. Use proper size capacitors for fans, motors i.e. Inductive loading.